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Suhaag (1979)

  • LanguageHindi

Durga with her new born twins approached her husband Vikram with a request to accept her. Vikram dismissed her plea and threw her out on the streets. Durga cursed that someday his own sons would seek revenge for his act. Jaggi sympathised with Durga and on the pretext of taking her to his house took her to a brothel. A timely intervention by a Police Officer saved Durga's integrity. Jaggi escaped under the cover of one of the new horns. Jaggi sold the little child to Pascal, who runs an illicit liquor trade. Amit grew up to become a toughy and an addict alcoholic, his second love was Basanti a dancing girl. Kishan grew under his mother's care and become a Police Officer. 

Jaggi in due time controlled a part of the underworld and joined Vikram as a partner. 

The obstacle in Vikram's activities was Police Officer Kishan. Vikram hired Amit to kill Kishan. Not knowing that Amit and Kishan were great friends. Amit faked the killing but Vikram wanted to vail the coffin he shot at Kishan and in the event Kishan was blinded. 

Amit joined the police force giving up his addiction and promised Kishan's girlfriend Annu to avenge his friend's blindness. Jaggi and Vikram became power crazy and split. 

Amit shot Vikram who in an injured state took refuge at Durga's house. But his secret soon gave way. Amit and Kishan were on his track. Vikram escaped in a helicopter not knowing that Jaggi had already planted a time bomb. Durga pleaded with her sons Kishan and Amit to save her SUHAAG. 


(From the official press booklet)