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Sipahi Ka Sapna (1948)

  • Release Date1948
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

All immortal episode in the History of India. The swelling army of freedom lovers responded to the historic clarion call of NETAJI SUBHASH.
........."On to Delhi".

The fighter for freedom chose the way to difficulty, turmoil and oppression. The rallied on that momentous day not on the basis of religion, but as a National unit, that thrived eagerly to achieve Independence from poverty, oppression and maladministration.

The Naked force of the civilized enemy emerged with its unconcealed fangs, ready to tear up the National spirit in an orgy of devastation.

...Bombers. Grenades and Machine Guns...

But the heroic fighters carried on their heavy task with more zeal, courage and discipline.

The dawn of a new era, with its varied colour dazzled the plains of Imphal. The enchanting tunes of 'Kawali' filled the rugged hills and jungles of Arakan. The night air sang the song of Independence among the pine trees of Kohima.

Unfed, ill-clad and wretched, the valiant fighters marched on and on.

...Only a Bridge !...

Separating their Mother country from Burma. On the other side... Freedom for the Mother in duress... Freedom for the wretched brethren. The Tiger prepared himself for the last struggle... a decisive battle on his own soul.

...Bombers roared. Machine Guns rattled...

"Fight till death... Fight for Freedom... Attack.

Iswar Singh and many of the patriots died a martyr's death but with the blood oozing out from their gushing wounds, they wrote the declaration against the enemy... 'No Compromise... Rana though himself severally injured, rushed to the aid of his beloved friend Nazir. "Rana, .... take Revenge"... those were the last words of the gallant soldier.

Rana was brought back to the Advance Base Hospital Mamyo for treatment. There the restless fighter dreamt about.....what ?

An answer, which is eerie, yet glorious, an answer which will enchant you at the End...

... JAI HIND ...

(From the official press booklet)


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