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Shabnam (1964)

  • LanguageHindi

Sipehsalar Jabir lusted for power and to achieve his aim he kidnapped the old king and spread the false news that he was in the hands of the enemies who wanted a huge ransom, thus trying to raise money for his own use. The princess in her innocence believes him but Khan Mustafa her betrothed thinks otherwise, still what can a lone man do against the armed might of Jabir. 

He finds a way out and that was to pretend that he was a coward, thus restraining the might of Jabir from being roused against him and in the guise of Zingaro does what he cannot do as Khan Mustafa. 

In the meanwhile, Jabir tries to do through Shabnam what he cannot achieve through the princess, eventually the princess realises the perfidy of Jabir but she is puzzled at Khan Mustafa's behaviour, 

When Jabir tries hit trump card of taking complete control of the kingdom; things come to a head in a thrilling climax that gives the answer, as to who is Shabnam the dancer? What is Jabir's trump card? And above all who is the mysterious Zingaro?

(From the official press booklet)