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Shaadi Ke Baad (1972)

  • LanguageHindi

Shobha was eligible daughter of Parvati, a poor widow who was worried about finding a suitable match for her. Govind who wanted his daughter Basanti to be married to Raju, promised to find bridegroom for Shobha. But Raju failed his plan. While in search of bridegroom for Shobha, Raju and his cousin Chhabila went to Chandan Nagar and met Chaudhary BishanSwarup. First, Raju was married to Chaudhariy's daughter Savitri and later Chaudhary arranged Shobha's marriage with Shyam, a lawyer son of Bhagatram of Belapur on the condition that Rs. 50,000 - be paid at the time of the wedding.

At the time of wedding Bhagatram incited by Govind demanded his money. As Chaudhary BishanSwarup could not arrange for the money he handed Bhagatram a promissory note for Rs. 50,000. Feeling cheated Bhagatram left the place with his son leaving the bride behind. With whatever money and ornaments he could gather Raju reached Bhagatram's house and beseeched Bhagatam to accept his sister. But Bhagatram refused to concede his request. Shyam however agreed to visit Shobha on his way to the city secretly without informing his father.

The news of Shobha's running away upset Bhagatram further and he decided to get his son Shyam married again. When he decided to go to city to meet Shyam, Shyam returned to be mad with Shobha acting as nurse and her brother Raju acting as a doctor. The crazy Shyam went home with Shobha as nurse.

But when Shobha remained pregnant, Shyam had to give up his pretext and go back to the city.

Duly a child was born to Shobha and tough Savitri pretended that it was her child. The pretext could not last long. Moreover, Govind had succeeded in inducing Bhagatram to have his son married to his daughter Basanti who loved wrestler Balram. Even though Chaudhary BishanSwaroop pronounced Basanti and Balram as husband and wife, Govind succeeded in bringing back his daughter and taking her to Bhagatram's house.

The climax came when Bhagatram came again to city to find his son behaving like a lunatic. But this time the pretext did not last long. At last Shyam had to oppose his father, give up his right and agree to walk out with his wife and child. The exciting climax which leads to reconciliation between the father and son can best be appreciated on the screen itself.

(From the official press booklet)