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Saudaa (1974)

  • LanguageHindi

Dharamdas, a rich man, knows how to make money even in one's death. He saves a poor educated youth Sunil from committing suicide, and has a deal with him that he will insure Sunil for 2 Lacs, spend One Lac on him let him live luxuriously for a year and 'then he will have to die. Sunil agrees, repays his debts, marries his sister, admits his ailing mother to a Sanatorium and comes back to live with Dharamdas, as per his promise. 

One day, Sunil comes across a starving girl Renu. He feels pity on her and brings her home for food. Dharamdas can foresee a profit in her and so he emp-loys her as his house-keeper. But, when he comes to know that she is the heiress of a huge property of about 20 lacs, he has a deal with her too that she will have to part half of her property to him, if he protects her life from her cousin who had made three attempts on her life and is still in search of her. She agrees. Dharamdas sends her with Sunil to a hill station where they both fall in love with each other. Their pleasure is cut short when Dharamdas warns Sunil that a dying man has no right to spoil a girl's life. Sunil starts avoiding Renu, but she follows him and at last finds out how deep he is in the trap of Dharamdas. She wants to save his life and begs Dharamdas for the same. Dharamdas demands two lacs to release Sunil from his bond. Renu goes to her cousin and begs him to give her only two lacs. But the cousin decides to kill her alongwith Sunil and Dharamdas. 

Is her cousin successful in his designs? 

Does Renu escape from the clutches of her cousin? How? 

What happens to death deed of Dharamdas with Sunil? 

See all this on the Silver Screen.

(From the official press booklet)