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Sandesh (1952)

  • LanguageHindi

"SANDESH" is the story of a doctor, his mission and his life. It begins in the eventful year of 1922 when Vidyadhar, a school teacher is wrongfully punished for holding patriotic views. Shocked by this sudden dismissal, he never recovers and Dinanath his only son finds refuge in the rich home of Kashinath, his father's favourite pupil, who vows to make a fine doctor out of his teacher's son. 

In the new surroundings Dinanath and his devoted mother Saraswatibai begin their struggle over life. In his studies Dinanath finds his mother a constant source of inspiration. While in college he meets Sudha, daughter of a rich Barrister. Acquaintance grows into affection and love. But the rich Barrister did not approve of it just because Dinanath is a penniless pauper. 

Shocked, Dinanath realizes how money is valued above everything in this materialistic world. Dejected he is sent to England by his guardian for higher studies. Back with a foreign degree he is soon acknowledged as an eminent surgeon. Just as his fame is rising he comes to know that Sudha has been married to a rich Zamindar who was also their classmate. 

Disappointed in love, embittered Dinanath thinks that money is the only goal of life and he turns himself into a money-making machine throwing to wind all his ideals of the noble vocation he had chosen. When his mother comes to know of this change in him, she scolds him and even refuses to stay with him. Dr. Dinanath repents and tries to atone for his mistakes, but the mother leaves him to his fate. 

Did the dejected lover find consolation in money? 

Does he try to find the real solution to the crisis in life? 

Only the Silver Screen can answer these questions.

(From the official press booklet)