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Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan (1959)

  • LanguageHindi

"United we stand and divided we fall". 

History says that India has been always defeated due to our internal division. Had Kannauj's Jaichand Rathaur and Kangada's Samant Hahulirai not divided themselves from Prithviraj India would never have been defeated by Sultan Ghori of Ghazni.

When Ghori invaded India for third time and was arrested Prithviraj pardened him, a gesture befitting high morals of Rajput chivalry. 

During his victorious marching over small divided Indian states, Karnataki, the court-dancer of Gujerat was arrested as a spy but magnanimous Prithviraj appointed her as the court-dancer of Delhi. Her beauty and charm captivated Kaimas the Prime-minister of Prithviraj. One night when Kaimas tried to rape her Prithviraj was compelled to kill him to save the chastity of a woman.

Jaichand Rathaur's daughter Sanyukta was deeply in love with Prithviraj the ideal Rajput prince. Karnataki who had come. to Kannauj befriended Sanyukta and helped her. Ultimately Prithviraj, Kavichand and the Samant came to the Sanyukta-swayambar. Prithviraj eloped Sanyukta, an act of great bravery and chivalry. 

Angry and defeated Jaichand invited Ghori to invade India promising to help him to destroy Prithviraj. Samrat Hahulirai also secretly joined Ghori. His ambition was to sit on the throne of Delhi. Kavichand pursuaded him to remain with Prithviraj to defend India from foreign invasion. But he did not agree and arrested Kavichand. 

Thus as events would have it Prithviraj's friend Kavichand could not be with him in the war, his Samant Hahulirai became a traitor, Jaichand also became a traitor, his prime minister was killed, his brave Senapati Chamundrai took an oath that he would never hold a sword in his hands. 

In these circumstances Ghori invaded and the armies clashed in the field of Tarayan. And...... and...... and...... to know rest of the events see Dinesh Films' "SAMRAT PRITHVIRAJ CHAUHAN".

(From the official press booklet)


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