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Saidan Jogan (1979)

  • Release Date21/09/1979
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time135 mm
  • Length3684.73meters
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-89460- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date06/03/1979
  • Shooting LocationSamrala, Ludhiana, Ropar

Saida Jogan is a widely successful film. The story has all-time appeal due to its emotional base about human behaviour which leads to a complex situation if two people are deeply in love and are indifferent to society. A rich man, Babu Ji (Shiv Raj) is blessed with twin daughters Anju and Manju. After the death of his wife, he remarries so that the little girls are cared for. In the Maghi Mela of Muktsar, one of the daughters, Manjugets separated from her family. A snake-jogi Mangal Nath (Ved Goswami) finds the little girl crying and takes her to his settlement. The little girl is now named Saidan and grows up in the tribal traditions away from her real affluent family in the city. Saidan-Jogan(Daljeet Kaur) often wanders in the forest, singing with her friends. One day she happens to meet a young man Sajjan (Verendra) from a nearby village and both fall in love. However, Goga, the tribal leader, will not let go off Saidan who was betrothed to him during childhood. Goga tries to eliminate Sajjan by a snake-bite with the help of his stooges Chugal Nath (Monto) and Rangila. When Saidan comes to know about this, she prays to Lord Shiva and Sajjan’s life is saved. Sajjan and Tota Ram (Mehar Mittal) overpower Goga and his gang to save Saidan and her friend Maina (Kanchan Mattu) from their clutches. Goga convinces the tribal head to shift the tribal caravan to an unknown place so that Sajjan will not be a hurdle in his marriage with Saidan. 

Meanwhile, in the city, Saidan’s twin sister Anju (Daljit Kaur) has become a fashionable college girl. Anju is in love with Sajjan’s brother Pritam (Satish Kaul) who is her classmate. However, she is always ill-treated by her stepmother Shanti (Sudha Chopra). Shanti wants her to marry a rich man Raju (Kalminder), who is good for nothing. Anju refuses Shanti’s proposal. She declares that she will marry Pritamor else she will commit suicide. Shanti stops her from going to college and confines her in the house. 
Both sisters are similar in form and features. One day Pritam sees Saidan Jogan and mistakes her for Anju. Lovelorn, he begins to wander in that area. 
Goga manages to get the Kabila Panchayat and Saidan Jogan’s father Mangal Nath to the approval of his impending marriage with Saidan. The marriage ceremony is arranged with the blessings of Guru Nath. However, Saidan runs away from the marriage mandap and reaches the city where she incidentally meets her real parents. Goga and his clan members go in search of Saidan Jogan and catch hold of Anju taking her to be Saidan. Goga takes her to the marriage venue. However, Sajjan, Pritamand Saidan reached the spot in time. Both the heroes free both the heroines from the clutches of Goga and Raju. The lovers are reunited and the family meets in the end.