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Saat Samandar Paar (1965)

  • GenreAction, Drama
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time145 mins
  • Length3981.30 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-45956-MUM
  • Certificate Date03/11/1965

SAAT SAMANDAR PAAR ' is the story with sea—back ground ever depicted on Indian Screen. 

The sea at times calm and innocent, turns fierce and rage. Such is the story of this adventurous picture. 

Our story centers round a happy state named 'Ramban'. The birth day of young Prince was celebrated with all the pomp and show and the jubilation of the people knew no bounds. But the joy turned into sorrow and chaos when the Palace was attacked by the Conspirators. The King gets wounded but the Queen with her two young Princes manage to escape at the advice of Raj Guru. 

The Conspirators follow the Queen and manage to snatch one of the Princes to put him to death but the faithfuls of the King succeed in saving him. 

Thus Ranbir Singh—the Cousin of the King failed in his attempt to overthrow the King but he does not leave his efforts to avail of the proper opportunity and the awaited time for Ranbir Singh approached and the King is assassinated. Ranbir Singh takes the reins of the Government in his hands and Prince Dilip now grown up is forced to leave the state to try his destiny in the open world. 

By chance Dilip comes across the Charming and beautiful Princess Saroja of Vishaldeep State. They loose their heart for each other. Princess takes Dilip to her father's kingdom and under the cover of the blue sky and high seas they dream nothing but love. 

There are many a twist between the cup and the lip, Sangram a notorious sea Pirate sights the ship of Vishaldeep and his guns make the ship its target. The pirates succeed in looting the ship and capture Prince Dilip and Princess Saroja. Sangram is enchanted by the beauty of Saroja and he desires to possess her and kill Dilip. Sangram's mother prevents him from committing the Crime. Sangram obeys. Mother is attracted towards Dilip in obeisance of inner feelings which she knows not. Dilip also feels the same. 

What is the mystery behind this attraction? Who is the old mother of Sangram? Who is Sangram? What is the relationship between Dilip and Sangram and the mother? Who won the charming Saroja? 

You shall have these clues solved for you on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)



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