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Saal Solvan Chadya (1977)

  • Release Date23/09/1977
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time119 min
  • Length3244.60 meters
  • Number of Reels14 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-85084-MUM
  • Certificate Date13/06/1977

Two young lovers are assisted by Reshma (Zaheera), a woman who has loved and lost, and a trio of comical eccentrics, to overcome opposition to their marriage. Reshma is a lovelorn soul, whom a Pardesi (Vinod Mehra) promised that he would come back and marry her. Unfortunately, he was killed by the enemies of true love. Reshma could not believe the fact and kept waiting for him, becoming partially mad in his memory. She would wander about singing her sad story as if to share it with nature. Tony (Devendra) comes to the village as a guest of Ishwar Ji (Chaman Puri). Ishwar and his wife Sudha Chopra find in Tony, a match for their daughter Pinky (Bubby). Pinky too starts loving Tony. However, Tony is hooked to Bubbly (Girija Mitra) since the time he entered the village. Both Tony and Bubbly meet often and sing songs of love. When Reshma catches them lost in themselves she bursts into anger. She tells Bubbly to leave the path of love as it is full of thorns, setting herself as an example before them. But then Tony wins Reshma’s heart by promising her that he would live and die only for Bubbly. Reshma is moved and extracts a promise from them that they will meet on this earth itself because until now all the lovers met only in heavens. She imagines Tony as her lover and herself as Bubbly.

Tony and Bubbly are engrossed in their love games until one day her brother Ajit (Amrit Pal) along with his childhood friend Romy (Parvez Malik) comes to the village. Ajit wants to get Bubbly married to the rich boy Romy. When Ajit comes to know about the love affair of Bubbly with Tony, he advises her to forget Tony. She refuses to listen to him. Ultimately he agrees to meet the parents of Tony before saying yes to her choice. When Tony’s father Harbans Lal (Abhimanyu Sharma) comes to their house, Ajit recognizes him as the murderer of his father as he was witness to this gory killing. Thus, an ancestral enmity comes as a barrier to the love affair of Tony and Bubbly. Ajit asks Bubbly to forget Tony and confines her in the four walls of the house under the strict watch of Rosy (Tina Katkar). He fixes up her marriage with Romy, the childhood friend who has returned from England.

When Tony comes to know about the decision, he begs Ajit for mercy and requests him not to snatch away his love from him. But all in vain. On the day of the marriage, Rekha's dances and sings the song, Gori Tera Roop to entertain guests at the wedding. Bubbly runs away with Tony from the marriage ceremonies and they approach Reshma for help. Meanwhile, Romy and Ajit follow Bubbly and Tony. Romy aims his gun at Tony but Reshma comes in between and is hit by the bullet. She unites true lovers before dying.