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Runumi (1953)

  • Release DateMay 1953
  • LanguageAssamese

The ninth Assamese language film, Runumi was produced by Lakhi Barthakur and Budheswari Goswami under the banner of Assam Studio. The story and direction of the film was by Suresh Goswami. The film was released at Aaroti Talkies, Jorhat in May, 1953. This was the first Assamese film which had the female protagonist Runumi in a double role. Thousands of people lost their lives and houses in the earthquake of Assam that took place on 15th August 1950. Against the backdrop of the 1950 earthquake of Assam, the film is about an innocent little girl Runumi who loses everything in the devastating consequences of the earthquake and comes to take shelter in the hills. She blends with the people in the hills, which represents oneness and unity, an unbreakable union between the people of the hills and plains. The indigenous folk dances of Assam such as Bihu Dance, Japi Dance, tribal folk dance, are shown in the film to suggest the unity in diversity among the people of Assam. The role of young Runumi was played by Dolly Goswami, while the older Runumi was played by Kanaklata Saikia. The cinematography of outdoor shooting was done by Paresh Sarkar of Calcutta, Naresh Nath and Sameer Datta, while indoor shooting was by Nalin Dowarah. Darpa Nath Sarma composed the music, and Naresh Das, was the chief editor of the film. The sound recordist was Pachu Gopal Das. The singers of the film were Ivy Baruah, Sewali Sarma, Swarna Devi and Prafulla Baruah.