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Raj Mukut (1950)

  • LanguageHindi

The King of Pratapgarh had organized a warrior's festival. The Elder Prince Krishnakumar turned out to be a hero. He won all the events. The King announced that on an auspicious day Prince Krishna would be crowned King. The younger Prince Dilip had his eyes set on the throne as well as on Roop Kumari the Senapati's daughter. Roop was enthralled by the bravery of Prince Krishna and had lost his heart to him. The Senapati wanted to see his daughter Roop the future Queen of the state. And as prince Krishna did not respond to the gestures of Roop Kumari, Senapati had reluctantly to aid the evil designs of the plotter Prince Dilip. Prince Krishna renounced his rights and disappeared from the state. Incognito he reached a village Madhupur and helped the Villagers out of their troubles. He taught them how to grow more food and fight scarcity and famine. Madhupur's Chowdery's daughter Radha had fallen in love with the incognito Prince who had saved her village. 

Just to remain in oblivion forever Prince Krishna spread news of his death. The state was in mourning. Prince Di lip was granted ruling powers and he was all powerful. There was anarchy in the state. Roop rose to the occasion. She met Radha and acquainted her about the incognito Prince and the state of anarchy in the Kingdom. Radha started to remedy the evil but fell a prey to the viles of prince Dilip. Prince was also arrested as an imposter, so were the king and the queen. Dilip now went on merrily with the preparations of his coronation. 

What happened next, see on the Silver Screen.

(From the official press booklet)