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Qurbani Rang Layegi (1991)

  • LanguageHindi

When Thakur Pratap Singh told the great Musician & Singer Jaikishan to sing in a contest against a courteasen, he refused, then the Thakur framed Jaikishen for murder and sentenced him to imprisonment. Jaikishen's only son reached Bomba where he was looked after by a fan of Jaikishen called Hamid Chacha. Raj started boot-polishing to earn his living. In Hamid Chacha's basti Gattu and his sister Basanti arrive who are street singers. Raj joins them to earn.

One day Raj's voice reaches a very well known and rich singer Poonam who helps him to leave the basti and live in a big Bunglow. Poonam tells Basanti that if she wants Raj to be big the whole basti has to help Raj forget the basti.

Raj was very hurt when he was his near and dear ones leave him. A voice erupted from him in a song which made him a very famous pop singer.

Shakti Poonam's singing partner who was in love with Poonam didn't like Raj and Poonam's relation. In alliance with Tony he hatched a plot to do away with Raj. He poisoned Poonam's father Thakur's ears against Raj. In confrontation of Jaikishen and Thakur only one would be victorious. Would Poonam be able to save Raj's life from Shakti and Tony ? Would Basanti's sacrifice win her silent love back ? For all the answers see "Qurbani Rang Layegi" on the film screen.

(From the official press booklet)


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