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Qahar (1997)

  • LanguageHindi

“QAHAR”-When havoc reaches extremity, it is QAHAR, As God had taken birth on earth to save mankind from the clutches of devils, a youth named Krishna also born to smash evils created by the dangerous devils. An another young man named Raja joins hands with Krishna in his noble mission. However, dreadful devils named Velji and Nageshwar victimised Raja who has been protecting poor and needy people from the tortures of evil elements.

There is one honest and duty-bound Police Inspector Amar becomes the obstacle in the way of Krishna and Raja as Amar thinks that they take the law in their hands and therefore they are the enemies of law. As a matter of fact, Raja and Krishna are not the enemies of law. They are the enemies of evil elements who think that law is their toy and they can buy it and make the law as their servant.

Amar later realises his mistake when he finds that Velji and Maru raped the beloved of Raja named Neelam who has no other go but to do suicide. And Amar becomes the cause of Raja's this unbearable disaster... How?

Krishna could not bear this disasterous end of Neelam. He becomes more furious and becomes `Qahar' himself and comes forward to smash Mani the hireling of Velji. He openly crushes Maru to death in the very presence of commissioner of Police who is the fater of Amar. What happens then...?

The story of `QAHAR' takes a new turn... when Amar comes to know that Krishna is his own brother... how?

... and still this clue was unsolved, suddenly a mountain of disaster falls on Amar and Krishna when they learn that their own mother is kidnapped by Velji and Nageshwar... and then there are series of happenings and mishaps... The answer is film: “QAHAR”.

(From the official press booklet)