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Oonch Neech Beech (1989)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time126 mins
  • Length3639.95 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-11210-MUM
  • Certificate Date25/08/1988
  • Shooting LocationRooptara Studio, Chandivali, Film City

A young sadhu is brainwashed by his guru to give up this materialist world and attain enlightenment through spiritualism under his guidance. The sadhu says that he wants to marry and settle down as a house-holder. The guru warns him against marriage because it will not give him peace and he will not be able to attain god. Since childhood the guru has brought him up with this idea and now that he is grown up he is betraying his guru. The guru feels frustrated and wants him that he will not get salvation if he marries, but the Sadhu says that he cannot suppress the urge to marry. The Sadhu marries a simple girl named Tulsi from a remove village against the wishes of his guru. They celebrate their wedding night.

The next morning while Sadhu i.e. Vithal by name is disturbed as the words of his guru keeps hammering in his mind. As he and his wife are leaving the village and during the train journey he sees 2 sadhus of his clan in the compartment and he gets more perplexed, so much so while they are sleeping on the Railway platform for break journey he gets up and goes along with the 2 sadhus leaving his wife and her mama on the railway platform. He goes back to his guru. The guru welcomes him and starts teaching the ways of enlightenment to him. He forgets his wife who is everyday looking for her husband from the only train that comes at the platform. The station master and the coolie of the remote station feel pity on her and allow her to live in the waiting room. The platonic relationship change into the coolie making her his sister. He feels for her noble cause waiting for her husband to come back. He even manages for her the utensils and stove so that she can make puri bhajee for passengers which would earn her some income to survive. A complaint is made by some officer to the higher authorities that the Station Master has allowed her to live in the waiting room which is illegal according to the rules of the Railways. A letter is sent to the Station Master asking him to comply with the rules and send the woman away. The station master orders the coolie to comply by the orders.

With heavy heart the coolie chucks out her rakhi sister only to find her back at the platform as she has faith that her husband will come back. The coolie gives her shelter in his own hut.

In the meantime, Vithal and Sadhu ask his guru as to when he will get enlightenment and see God. The guru has no reply. Once a childless young couple with their in-laws come to the guru and asks for his blessings that a son be born to their daughter-in-law. The guru tells them to send their daughter-in-law to Vithal and asks Vithal to do the needful. As Vithal is meditating, the daughter-in-law comes to him and be blesses her sexually only to realize that he has committed a sin under the instructions of his guru. He confronts with his guru. This is not Salvation and enlightenment. This is fraud.

The guru dies. Vithal is disillusioned. He remembers his wife and goes back to her after 14 (fourteen) years gap. Tulsi by now is very sick and is almost dying.

Does Tulsi die? Does Vithal meet Tulsi? Does Tulsi accept her husband back or reject him? Only on the screen.

(From the offical press booklet)