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Neel Kamal (1947)

  • Release Date1947
  • GenreDrama, Family
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time109 min
  • Length3185.46 meters
  • Number of Reels11
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor Certificate Number35468
  • Certificate Date24/03/1947

“I make toys, so does God” said Madhusudan’s ego………. “But my toys are better. They neither bend their knee in slavish worship, nor criticize the creator”

He was a sculptor and spelt his art with a capital “I”. Destiny brought Ganga into his life; Ganga who took the atheist to be her God. She worshipped him; but to Madhusudan; this devotion of Ganga was a bondage. He would not be enslaved by her devotion……. Yet the chains were too strong……

Lotus never bloomed in Madhusudan’s tank. He laughed at nature, carved a marble lotus and planted it in the tank. Ganga smiled and said “Master, flowers can never be of stone gods at whose feet they are offered have stony forms…………

Deserting Ganga, Madhusudan fell for the princess beautiful Rajkumari of Janakgarh.

His guru showed him light………. But then it was too late; Ganga was dead when he returned. She had drowned herself in the tank where lotus never bloomed. Now providence laughed back at Madhusudan………. Blue lotus blossomed where Ganga had vanished.

The sculptor was dazed, amazed beyond words.

He plucked the lotus and brought it to the stony god who lived in a temple. He placed the flower at the god’s feet and said “You win……….Do you………….”

(From the official press booklet)