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Mulzim (1963)

  • LanguageHindi

Lovely Asha and beautiful Meena are intimate friends. Both lose their hearts to the same youngman, the handsome Rajesh who happens to meet them accidentally.

Rajesh is an unemployed graduate of Bombay. He has a blind mother who also suffers from heart trouble. Rajesh's only desire in life is that his mother recovers her eyesight. He has taken a vow to visit the holy shrine of God Badrinath, his family Deity, at high Himalayas on the fulfillment of his deisre.

Razzak Kawwal is a friend of Rajesh. Though a Muslim he regards Rajesh as his brother.

By chance Seth Dwarkadas Meena's father takes Rajesh in his service. Meena tries to cast the snare of her charm and wealth on Rajesh but in vain, as Rajesh is in love with Asha. This creates bitterness between Asha and Meena, and Asha leaves Bombay.

One day Rajesh is sent by Seth Dwarkadas to collect rupees one lakh in cash from Seth Ramdas. There Seth Ramdas is murdered. Rajesh becomes puzzled and absconds.

On the spot of crime Police finds only a pipe as clue. With the help of this petty clue, police proceeds with the investigation.

Incidentally the nephew of Seth Dwarkadas returns from abroad, the same day the murder was committed, after getting distinction as an eye-specialist. He is in the habit of smoking pipe. Asha who is in love with Rajesh was engaged to this doctor for a long time.

This doctor is charged with operation of the eyes of Rajesh's mother and he does it successfully. Rajesh reads this news in the paper and immediately sets out for the pilgrimage of Badrinath to fulfill his vow. On his way at Joshi Math he unexpectedly meets Asha who had come for a change with her father on this beautiful hill station.

A letter of Rajesh which he wrote to his friend Razzak, falls in the hands of the Doctor who comes to know from this letter that Rajesh was staying at Joshi Math and meeting Asha frequently.

The doctor at once leaves for Joshi Math taking Rajesh's mother with him, pretending that he was going to Badrinath for pilgrimage. Razzak becomes suspicious about the Doctor. So he also starts for Joshi Math along with his wife to warn Rajesh against the Doctor. Police having come to know that facts follow them and reach Joshi Math.

The last phase of the story takes place at the holy feet of glorious Badrinath. The snow clad ravines of Himalayas suddenly echoes with the shrill sound of gun fire. The avalanche starts sliding down, threatening to crush everything coming its way. To witness this thrilling drama of life and death with your own eyes you will have to see on the screen the Bundelkhand Films' immortal creation "MULZIM" at your favourite theatre.

(From the official press booklet)