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Mukti (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

Love has many faces and its most beautiful is "MUKTI"

Happiness is the God-given gift of a small family of three; Kailash (Shashi Kapoor), his wife Seema (Vidya Sinha) and their only daughter Pinky (Master Bittu). But sometimes even happiness can attract disaster and one day like a bolt from the blue, disaster strikes at happiness, and the woman and child are separated from the man, forever.

Seema, the true Indian wife can never forget her husband. But there is a growing child to support, to send through school, and when a noble soul named Rattan (Sanjeev Kumar) offers her an honourable marriage and the love and strong shoulders of a father for her child, Seema accepts.

Years pass. Pinky (Bindiya) is now a lovely teenager on whom her new father dotes, and for whom he does everything in his power. For Seema Rattan has all the love in the world. And he expects nothing at all, only a small reciprocation of that love which he knows can never be his because Seema still cherishes the memory of Kailash. 
And then, out of the mists of time and snatched from the jaws of death, Kailash returns!

Once again, Seema is trapped at the cross-roads of life. Once again she is the victim of fate's cruel joke. Will there ever be salvation for her? And what is to become Kailash's years of suffering and search? And of that true love for Seema which Rattan has secretly yearned, for years.

These are the fascinating human equations of young Producer-director Raj Tilak's Saga of love and sacrifice "MUKTI". He has answers for them too, but for that you will have to see "MUKTI" on the Silver Screen.

(From the official press booklets)