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Mrityudaata (1997)

  • LanguageHindi

The story of "MRITYUDAATA" is based on the sufferings and hardships of a common man of India. Rampant corruption and dirty politics have given him nothing but untold miseries.

Ram Prasad Ghayal is a famous doctor who is living happily with his wife Janki and younger brother Bharat whom he loves more than his life. Bharat is a civil engineer who refuses to pass minister Mohanlal's pet power project. Bharat is in love with Renu. Raja the younger brother of underworld Don Rana Tunga is also in love with Renu. Bharat becomes a thorn in the eyes of Mohanlal and Rana Tunga. The two meet and decide to do away with Bharat. They implicate him in a girl's murder and disgrace him in the eyes of Ranu. Bharat reaches a point of no return and ultimately commits suicide.

Politics takes an ugly turn and Mohanlal and Rana Tuga who were friends and partners become sworn enemies. In order to teach him a lesson, Mohanlal joins with "terror of terrors" and kills Rana Tunga's younger brother Raja. Ram is implicated in Raja's murder and is jailed. In Jail Ram meets a man who changes his entire life. The life saver becomes an angel of death for the traitors.

How does Dr. Ram expose the unholy nexus between criminals and politicians? How the traitors are punished? The answer to this question is "MRITYUDAATA"

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