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Milan (1967)

  • GenreDrama, Romance
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time163 mins
  • Length3947.46 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-49684-MUM
  • Certificate Date07/04/1967

“MAN IS MORTAL, but his soul has no death; it takes different forms at different births. Yet, no man knows anything about his past birth, his loves, desires or affections then. Very few possess the knowledge of their previous existence =, and this is the tragic story of sucha  godly man who lives in the sweet and yet bitter memories of the life he had shed.”


GOPI is a young boatman who finds in Zamindar’s daughter RADHA a missing link of the past and adores her as god sent to serve and be happy. They are drawn to each other for mutual enlightenment and consolation, but not for any physical union. So pure are their hearts that their love do not crave for the mundane. There is GOWRI, the naughty village belle betwist them who is sincere to him.


GOWRI is a care free girl, but firm in her love for GOPI. GOPI’S  daily mission of life is to take RADHA  across the river to the college and back to Zamindar’s home. Gopi lives for these moments.. everyday he offers Radha a fully blooming flower as a token of his love. His love is devoid of any lust or desire, it is as pure as the flower he offers. RADHA  too likes GOPI. As it is her life at home is far from happy thanks to her step-mother RAMADEVI and her scheming brother RAJU who make the life of RADHA and her father quite miserable.


From GOPI, RADHA learns a folk song which she sings in college comtest and winds a prize. And she offers her garland to GOPI, to whom she owes her victory, unmindful of GOWRI’s caustic remarks. Her college mate Ram Babu son of another Zamindar also pines for her. Happy at Radha’s success in contest, Gopi is glad to learn that Radha will be present at the folk dances festival in which he is participating along with Gowri. The festival proves a very happy event, only Raju gets a beating from Gowri trying to be fresh with her.


Radha is always friendly with Gopi and on his birth day she takes away his food leaving her own tiffin carrier for him. Gopi thinks that she has taken his food by mistake. Radha admonishes him when he brings Ram Babu’s love letter to her. And little does he know that this letter would change the course of Radha’s life. for that letter leads to the marriage of Radha with Ram Babu and the tuth of his relationship with Radha dawns on Gopi on a stormy day when she seeks refuge in his hut.


whenRadha goes away after the marriage, Gopi feels lonely, misses Radha. Gowri chides him and through Gopi is indifferent to her he saves her from being molested by Raju. Radha’s ailing father yearns for his daughter. Little does he know that she has lost her husband and become a widow. This tragic news is hidden by Gowri from Gopi too. But eventually widow Radha returns to her father.


Gopi meets Radha, consoles her with his pragmatic philosophy: but their meeting created a scandal and of all the persons Gowri out of jealousy spreads that scandal forcing Gopi to leave the place for good. Radha rushes to stop him, and through her entreaties fail to dissuade him, they find that both of them are caught in whirlpool of water.


(From the official press booklet)