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Mahakaal (1994)

  • LanguageHindi

Seema is a college student full of life and in love with Param studying in the same class and with them other college students Prakash and Anita are also studying and they are engaged to get married.

One deadly night a man called Shakaal, his face burnt, wearing a glove with sharp edges like razor blades attacks Seema. Seema shivering screaming gets up form bed dreaming. But this was not a dream but reality yet her clothes are torn and the hand scratched, bleeding due to attack from Shakaal.

Next day Seema narrates the dream to her class mate Anita, but Anita refuses to believe her. The same night Anita gets the same dream and is also attacked by Shakaal with the same deadly globe. But nobody believes them.

One day, Anita, Prakash, Seema, Param and college students go for picnic, while in the guest house Seema is attacked once again but this time she is murdered by Shakaal and the blame comes on Param her lover, Param is caught by police and is in the custody.

Param narrates the complete murder to Prakash, but Prakash refuses to believe, Param is murdered the same night in the Police station bitten all over by poisonous snakes.

Prakash now sets out to solve these murders.

Thereafter what happened?

Did Prakash solve the murders?

Was Anita attacked again by Shakaal?

Or was it only a dream?

To know the truth see the film "MAHAKAAL".

Prakash : Karan Shah
Anita : Archna Poorna Singh
Seema : Konica
Param : Mayur

(From the official press booklets)


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