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Madhavi (1969)

  • GenreDrama, History
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time155 mins
  • Length4572.00 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number55549
  • Certificate Date09/04/1969
  • Shooting LocationVauhini Studios, Madras

The victorious armies of Chola Raj, under the brilliant generalship of Jai Singh and Vikram Singh, over ran Chalukya and brought the ruler and his daughter Madhavi to the Chola Durbar in chains. They were subjected to the indignities of the defeated, but the fiery Madhavi refused to bow her head before the inevitable. Her manner deeply impressed the Bhupathi of Chola, his daughter Mangala and son Suraj, and when Senapati Jai Singh spoke up for the defeated ruler, the Bhupathi ordered that the prisoners be freed of their chains and installed as honoured guests. He did not recognise either victors or vanquished, and offered the hand of friendship to his former enemies.

Whilst peace was restored between the warring countries, the Ruler of Chalukya asked the Bhupathi to help to find a suitable groom for Madhavi. The Bhupathi suggested the call for a tournament, and that the victor be given Madhavi's hand. The main contestants were Jai Singh and Vikram Singh, and it was a case of touch and go. As the fortune of the two Senapatis swung back and forth, Madhavi found her Fate to be in the balance-for she was already in love with the handsome Jai Singh. As if in answer to her prayers, Vikram Singh fell, and Jai Singh was declared the victor.

The vicious Vikram Singh was in no mood to accept such a verdict, but dare not defy the Bhupathi. In desperation, he got his body guard Kharag Singh to kidnap Madhavi and bring her to his rooms. The butter-fingered Kharag Singh made a blunder, and instead of Madhavi, he kidnapped Mangala, the Princess ! Vikram saw a terrible Fate awaiting him, and when he was confronted, he pleaded that his desperate love for Mangala had led him to order such a foul deed. His words of love softened the Bhupathi's heart, and Mangala herself was happy to give her hand in marriage to the Senapathi. The double marriage of Jai Singh and Madhavi, and of Vikram Singh and Mangala called for great celebrations in the Kingdom of Chola. But this was not a case of living happily ever after.

The Bhupathi left Chola on a pilgrimage, leaving Jai Singh as the Regent to look after Prince Suraj. The jealous Vikram was awaiting an opportunity of squaring with Jai Singh, and even now considered the possibility of getting his hands on Madhavi.

Events followed one another in quick succession, and Vikram Singh cunningly turned the tables on Jai Singh - seized power, and proclaimed himself the ruler of Chola. If only he could satisfy his lust by getting Madhavi, his cup of joy would have been filled to the brim.

How good ultimately triumphed over evil, and how peace and happiness returned to the Kingdom of Chola, forms the stirring climax of this exciting costume drama, and the unexpected twists and turns, the tingling dramatic moments, the joyous music and hilarious comedy brings "Madhavi" to an entirely satisfying conclusion.

(From the official press booklets)