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Ma Ka Pyar (1949)

  • GenreDrama, Mystery
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

In fact it is Sunder, who murders Seth Girdharilal; but suspicious circumstances force the innocent Ramlal to abscond, leaving his solitary sister at the sole mercy of the same scoundrel Sunder.

Unscrupulous Sunder is not slow to make indecent advances on Indra. Even the luxury of suicide is denied to the poor girl, who had sworn to clear the good name of her innocent brother before she partook of any pleasure of life. Hoodwinking Sunder that she was committing suicide she runs away.

She becomes instrumental in preventing Chand-the only beloved child-son of the renowned criminologist Manoharlal-from being kidnapped. Manoharlal is overwhelmed with the debt of gratitude. He promises to establish the innocence of Indra's brother Ramlal at whatsoever cost to himself. If strict secrecy was essential, even his wife Mohini will be no exception.

The professional eye of Manoharlal forthwith guesses Sunder to be the real murderer. Therefore, he invites Sundder at his Bombay bungalow and counsels Indra to appear before him in the grab of a ghost at midnight and try to get some compromising admission from him.

An ideal wife as Mohini is, she cannot bear to ignore the intimacy of her husband Manohar with Indra. What cements her suspicions the more, is their meeting on the sly. So the infatuation had reached such a zenith that Manohar had smuggled Indra in his bed room at midnight. She won't remain under the roof a moment longer.

Nor would Sunder suffer himself to remain under the wretched roof and risk further exposure of his guilt at the hands of the living ghost. He too decamps.

As the irony of fate will have it, unsuspecting Mohini succumbs to the snare of Sunder, who under the pretext of escorting her, elopes her away under the very eyes of her husband Manoharlal.

But Mohini is not a virtuous wife if she does not avenge herself. Feigning to have fallen in love with Sunder she shoots him having first obtained his damning diary containing all the confessions of his guilts. The diary will redeem her in the eyes of her husband whom she had rashly wronged. Train accident however prevents her from her proposed project. Mohini is announced as one amongst the fatal victims, whereas in reality she gets disfigured beyond recognition.

God grants her the new lease of life simply to deal her a living death below in shape of the announcement of Manohar's second marriage with Indra.

Fate may have cheated her of her husband. But still her child Chand was left to her. She will nurse her Chand.

Gauge her grief when on the discovery of her real identity, she is bodily thrown out despite the fact that ailing Chand's life hangs on a very fragile and feeble thread. She swoons in a fit of apparently fatal unconsciousness. 

Will God quietly allow innocent lives to perish prematurely? Will the murder mystery remain unsolved? Will the crime go unpunished? See for yourself on the silver screen. 

(From the official press booklets)



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