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Love Marriage (1959)

  • GenreRomance, Drama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time157 mins
  • Length4380.28 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-27432-MUM
  • Certificate Date14/04/1959

Even though marriages are made in heaven, love is very popular earthly quality, and a love match an unmitigated joy.

Jhansi looked up to one of its most revered citizens, Anil whose happy family consisted of his wife, their only son and his younger brother Sunil. An interview for a good job took Sunil to Bombay where his search for lodgings brought him to Geeta. Early on, there was much bitterness between Geeta and Sunil, whom had rented out a room to.

Geeta was an avid cricket fan, who never missed a good fixture at the Brabourne Stadium. One morning, when starting out, she found Sunil dressed in cricket attire. He, too, was headed for the play ! Geeta was quite amused that this awkward simpleton from Jhansi could have pretensions to wield the cricket bat. But later that day, she cheered the loudest when Sunil scored a classic century for his team.

Their mutual love for cricket paved the way for a mutual and much deeper love. Sunil could not gather the courage to propose, and decided to see Geeta's aunt. He met the old lady and poured out his heart to her, little guessing that it was Geeta herself rigged up as her own aunt. The words of tender affection were too much for Geeta, and poor Sunil was shocked to be lovingly embraced by the old woman-and even more embarrassed when he realised that he had told all to Geeta herself.

And so Sunil and Geeta were married and their "Love Marriage" was a joy to all their family and friends. Anil and his wife Uma, welcomed the love birds with open arms, and now their happy family was complete. Sunil had secured an excellent position at Jhansi itself, so that they could all live together in harmony.

But the path of love... true love... can never run smooth. In between Sunil and Geeta stepped the unwelcome Neelam. To all intents and purposes, Sunil had been carrying on a secret affair with this woman of easy virtues. He came home in a drunken state one day to shock his sister-in-law, and Uma immediately left the household forcing Anil and their child to accompany her.

For some time, Sunil and Geeta lived alone uneasily in the old family residence, but the inevitable had to come. Geeta, too, got conclusive proof of Sunil affair with Neelam and she sued him for divorce.

The litigants had to wait for half an hour before appearing before the judge. Thrown together in the precincts of the court, Sunil and Geeta faced a terrible decision. Was Sunil really having double life? Or could Anil supply the answers to all that was torturing Geeta?

(From the official press booklet)



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