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Krorepati (1961)

  • LanguageHindi

KROREPATI is the story of THE ONE IN A MILLION, Raj Bahadur Gulshan Rai, blessed by Providence BUT cursed by the good, bad or indifferent designs of his so-called relatives and well-wishers.

Rai Bahadur Gulshan Rai knew his son Dewan Hukumat Rai pretty well and had purposefully kept him far away from his place since he was fully aware of his son's plans.
In the will he made on the death-bed, he declared his ward Roopa and Grandson Ram as the legitimate heirs to his Estate & wealth although he was aware of Ram's so-called mental state he was supposed to be in.

This dramatic news completely upsets Dewan Kukumar Rai and he tries to employ every possible means at his command to achieve his ultimate object in usurping the said properties.

Knowing fully well the evil designs of Dewan Hukumat Rai and paradoxically enough Ram decides to protect Roopa from all possible dangers and her inherited rights over the property and in the course of events and intimacy is developed into love for her. Roopa likewise reciprocates his lovely and interesting gestures.

But evens turn otherwise and on the sunny day Dewan Hukumat Rai awakens himself to the reality of Ram's true existence as an Imposter.

Dewan now plans to arrest Ram and likewise bring in Roopa in a place with the motive to murder her and do away with both of his opponents once and for all.

..........How far Dewan succeeds in his plans to murder Roopa? ..........

..........What happens to the Imposter? ..........

..........Where is the real identity of Ram discovered? ..........

..........Who actually got the inherited properties? ..........

Such of the mysteries of the events can best be witnessed on the Silve Screen. Watch out for this production with colour sequences and mammoth wate ballet by the American Woman's Club.

(From the official press booklets)