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Kohinoor (1960)

  • LanguageHindi

Rajkumar of Kailashnagar was fed up at the hands of his wicked Dewan. On the occasion of 'Raj Tilak' Rajkumar got convinced that the said Dewan was after his life. Rajkumar was utterly disappointed to know that the said Dewan who was employed by his father had proved himself to be so ungrateful and mean. He determined to abandon the throne and the treasure. Raj Kumar left Kailashnagar. The wicked Dewan and his 'yes-men' soldiers followed him but they could not succeed in their plans. The result was that Rajkumar saved himself from the clutches of his enemies.

Whether it was the will of God or a mere coincidence that Rajkumar after a hard struggle reached that particular place where Chandramukhi, Rajkumari of Rajgarh, his fiance, was undergoing imprisonment at the hands of her wicked Commander.

There could not have been a better chance for Rajkumar to get Rajkumari released and to punish that Commander. In the disguise of a singer-sanyasi, he entered the group of those traitors. The Commander and his colleagues thinking that he is a great saint, welcomed him. The Commander was convinced that this saint was really a true devotee of God.

Rajkumar with his sheer wisdom and intelligence influenced the Commander so nicely that he was allowed to meet the Rajkumari without any obstruction.

Both used to meet in the moonlight and sing songs of Love. With his sweet voice and melodious tongue he won the heart of Rajkumari and disclosed his identity also.

Ultimately in one moonlight night both of them decided to get away from the imprisonment of the Commander. They did so, but destiny had yet something more in store for them. The Commander's people followed them, got hold of the Rajkumar and brought him before the Commander. The Commander ordered that the eyes of Rajkumar should be taken out.

The Court Dancer came to the rescue of Rajkumar, and he was saved.

What sacrifice the Court dancer made for the prince? What happened to the wicked Dewan and the ungrateful Commander? All these sensational and exciting events will come to you as big surprises on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)


Filmfare Awards, 1960