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Khooni Saya (1970)

  • LanguageHindi

The tremendous development and progress taking place in India, is a constant source of panic for enemy countries. They make every effort to create anarchy in the country.

Enemy agents are employed for sabotage and destructive activities. Sometimes trains are mined, sometimes planes are time-bombed and more often factories and workshops are burnt. At such a critical juncture when the country was fighting hard the internal menace a daring young man Rajesh sets out of to save his country from enemies. He is determined to crush the agent and annihilate their centres of activities.

While his plane lands and he hires a taxi, his taxi falls victims to the evil designs of the agents, meets with an accident and falls down from a hill. However Rajesh is more than a match for the enemies. He escapes gallantly. Eventually he learns about the head quarter of the agents, which is located at hotel Green. The proprietor of the hotel is under arrest by the traitors and they have black-mailed his pretty daughter and are exploiting her.

In the meantime, a govt. officer Chandra is killed by the enemy agents and his sister Mala swears to avenge his death. She comes into contact with Rajesh and they both go on mission. When Rajesh enters in the hotel, he was led in a room where a hungry lion charges at him. But he kills the lion. Later on he learns that Circus arena is another centre and he goes there. There he is managed to be thrown before angry elephant who wants to trample on him. What happened to Rajesh? Is he killed? Or he succeeds in his mission?

(From the official press booklets)