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Kaun Ho Tum (1970)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of two friendds Mohan & Prakash. Mohan is the only son of a wealthy widow and Prakash that of a poor. Mohan though born rich, yet is away from all the worldly pomp and pagenteries. His is extremely simple, honest and shy, while Prakash though poor yet a happy go lucky boy madly in love with Kamini daughter of a Millionaire who hates Prakash.
Mohan promised Prakash his unfailing support to bring about the union even at teh cost of his whole wealth. He wishes to see Kamini as his Bhabhi. Kamini's father takes her to a Hill Station where Prakash & Mohan follows, there Mohan meets with an accident and is mortally wounded, before he breathes his last he took a firm promise from Prakash that he will keep his death news a secret lest his mother may not die of a shock. Broken and dejected hearted Prakash returns home and shocked to find Mohan already return home and more to his frustration he finds Kamini engaged to him, forced under these circumstances Prakash discloses the news of Mohan's death to Diwan. Diwan contacts Mohan who attacks him when Diwan in self defence kills Mohan.
Thus baffled Diwan and Prakash reach Mohan's home when they are shocked to find Mohan chatting with his mother. Mohan still remains a mystery. Leaving no clue for its solution. Try to solve it, if you can't then see it on the Silver Screen in Suresh Punctures "KAUN HO TUM?"

(From the official press booklets)