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Kasam Suhag Ki (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

Life is a mystery ! Unpredictable its happenings !! Unimaginable its ways !!!
Some lives blessed ! While some others cursed !! Surajmukhi, unfortunately grows up as a courtesan of repute, whom everybody would like to use and exploit, but none would own her and give her a life of self respect.
Unexpectedly, fortune smiles on her when she was being molested by some Thakurs, a notorious dacoit Sultan Singh comes to her rescue and saves her honour. This was enough for Surajmukhi...she saw the man who really respected a woman... she adored him and started praying for his long life, and cherishing at the same time a desire to get a place at his feet.
He prayers were answered - circumstances developed in such a way that she was brought near him, and finally she could achieve the unexpected - she gets his consent for marriage. It is a strange union, a rare happening, because she is peace, harmony, culture and an embodiment of fine art, and he a complete contrast to her - some hearted, brute and a killer. Inspite of this contrast, the union is auspicious - they are happy.
Gradually, Surajmukhi's influence transforms the brute in Sultan Singh, and he becomes soft - full of affection, he becomes a father. A daughter is born to them. Surajmukhi convinces Sultan Singh that in the interest of his daughter's future, he should surrender himself to Police - and he agrees.
Their happiness is short lived - because when Sultan is ready to surrender, Police with the help of his old enemies, conspire to kill him mercilessly - and they do it out of vengeance.
Surajmukhi, who never knew violence and hatred - who always a honoured life, takes a vow at the dead body of her husband that she would not spare, anybody, who had been a party to the conspiracy of murdering her husband - she would avenge his death.
And finally how she takes her revenge is to be seen to be believed.

(From the official press booklets)


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