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Kalyug Ke Avtaar (1995)

  • Release Date06/10/1995
  • GenreAction, Romance
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberVU-7430-MUM
  • Certificate Date27/06/1995
  • Shooting LocationShree Khatu Shyam Ji, Film City, Filmstan, Mehboob, Essel, Kamalistan

Damu had his eternal hatred for the Rich class. Because, while he was ten year old his father & mother have been snatched away cruelly by the Rich class of man and secondly, when he was feeding his ten month old sister-their only shelter has been wiped out by the greed of one rich man.

Struggling all the while for their survival- Damu had a bitter feeling for the Rich class. Being deprived of himself, Damu had sent his sister Bubbly for higher education and Bubbly now a young and beautiful girl had fallen in love for a Rich man's son Shyam- the only their - apparent of Seth Prathap Singh.

When Damu came to know the truth of Bubbli's falling for the Rich man's son - he pecked her of from the college and decided to get her married with Arjun whose father Goga was serving under him but who had a Secret malice of destroying Damu under the ill influence of Builder Kulbhushan.

On the other hand, Seth Prathap knowing the truth that his only son was in love with Bubbly - had decided to accept her as his daughter-in-law.

Builder Kulbhushan & Goga had a strange plan to destroy Damu & putting the blame on Seth Prathap Singh.

"Could Damu succeed to get Bubbly married with Arjun?"

"Could Prathap Singh keep his vow to get Bubbly as his daughter-in-law?"

"Could Shyam be united with Bubbly?"

"What happened to the strange plan of destroying Damu by Goga & the Builder?"

For all those answers, you will have to see the greatest conflict of the Rich & the Poor in Vikas Production's greatest Musical Extra Vaganza, "Kalyug Ke Avtaar" at your favourite theatre.

(From the offcial press booklest)



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