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Kal Ki Awaz (1992)

  • Release Date21/08/1992
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length106.83 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-17543-MUM
  • Certificate Date05/08/1992

A clash of principles. A clash of personalities. And a heart warming family story. This in a nut shell is the main emphasis in KAL KI AWAZ.

Nooruddin (Raj Babbar) is a Minister in a disturbed state of the country where kidnappers are having a field day. The children of rich people are freely abducted and ransom is being paid by the tortured parents. Police stands by and cannot do anything because the fear of abductors and the welfare of the kidnapped children forces people to pay the demanded ransom to secure the release of their children.

Into his town comes a Police Commissioner Ali Hyder Jaffri (Dharmendra) who decides not to make any compromise with crime because he believes that compromise leads to weakness which in turn perpetuates crime. He gets pitted against the Minister who believes that the life of a citizen is more precious than any amount of money paid in ransom.

He believes in saving lives, whereas Ali Hyder Jaffri believes that the Police must do its duty and help Law and Order to prevail.

Ali Hyder and Nooruddin get locked in matrimonial alliance, when they decided to sanctify the love of their children - Shagufa (Pratibha) - the daughter of Hyder and Naseeruddin (Rohit) the son of Nooruddin - into marriage. But Shagufa decides not to marry when she finds that her father would be left all alone. In fact she was herself responsible for his loneliness. After the early death of her mother, Aly Hyder invested all his time and love to the up-bringing of his daughter. He was both the father and the mother of Shagufa. But when all this came in conflict with his official duties he decided to keep a teacher for his daughter. Into this house walked the young and beautiful Miss Bilgrani (Amrita Singh) who took the child under her loving care and literally took charge of the house. It was therefore not difficult for Ali Hyder and the teacher to fall in love. Ali Hyder decided to get a mother for his daughter. But unfortunately for him his daughter would not like to lose her father in the process and the teacher had to walk out of this home and the town. Shagufa now grown up realises what grave injustice she had done to her father's happiness and she herself is guilty of separating the two lovers and causing a long spell of loveless loneliness to her father. So, when she was faced with the prospect of getting married to the boy she loved she realised that in view of what she did to her father she would not be justified in marrying and leaving him all alone.

Into this domestic triangle enters the story of kidnapping where Ali Hyder and his principles are challenged. How the two stories mingle and how the Police Commissioner solves the problem of kidnapping forms the climax of this tory. You would not like us to disclose everything, let the suspense remain.

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