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Kabhi Kabhie (1976)

  • LanguageHindi

"Sometimes a thought comes to my mind"
These are no mere words. Each one has 
his aspiration, his hopes, his dreams.
Some are dreams of love
Others are memories of the past
Which you too remember
Some, best forgotten by us.
Like a devotee's worship
They are an incomplete poem
Some dreams unfulfilled
Along the thorny path.
I washed my hands off my past.
My promises, in fact I, Have steered 
a new course of life has a 
new shine. It has a new goal.

If Pooja is Amit's poem
Then Amit is her soul.
But incomplete are both Pooja and the poem.
In this-silence
Song yours and mine
Pulse yours and mine 

All lost in the strains of Shehnai
Pooja's dreams in Vijay's embrace
Vijay who helped realise other's dreams
his own dream was now a reality. His
vision had a form

How beautiful the form
In Pooja's future if Amit had no place
then Amit's past was full of Pooja and nothing else.

But Anjali pulsated in his future
whose past has no place for Amit
It sounds all quaint.

Why not speak of Today, of this moment !
Just as Tie waits for no one
Time is eternal, men change
So the relationship survive Time
Their nuances differ...
New forms bring in new names
Vicki ! Pinki !! Sweetie !!!

As the names sound, you know that
Time has changed alongwith
And with Time, love too.
Vicki is someone's dream come true
Pinky is someone's heart beating to the 
Rhythm of the past
And Sweetie is someone's life, nay his reason to live

Love is not a mere word nor
just a feeling but a whole life itself.
Three hearts beating upon an untrodden path
Unmindful of the past, of the future
Continued to trek, humming, Singing songs.

And in their way, you find
Amit's restlessness
Vijay's broad vision
Anjali's past
And Pooja's image.

Before them a void 
Is it, by any change, their start in the
void and a reach unto the void.

But what is a void?
Just a question-mark?
A bubble burst

When the bubble burst, everyone faced
a storm and out of the storm were born
new relationships, the basis of which
was strong.

Love and confidence !
Love broke all barriers
And confidence bridged new Minds.


(From the official press booklet)