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Johny Ustad (1987)

  • Release Date1987
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi

It is just a con-incidence that two people takes birth on this earth with same face.

Johny & Vidyasagar are identical, but their similarity ends there. In all other aspects they are poles apart. Johny is a crook and Vidyasagar is Barbar.

Though he has got parents, because of the facts that he is an illegitimate child, the society had been cruel to Johny inspite of that he become a crook only to pay the debts incurred by his father.

On the other hand nobody knows about the parents of Vidyasagar. He is simple, honest and his companions are hens, dogs & flower.

Two young girls enter their respective lifes Archana and Padma of music & beauty, who is a stage singer in the life of Johny and Padma a Maid Servant, who always seen one better than the other in the life of Vidyasagar. Archana & Padma become the turning stones in the lives of Johny & Vidyasagar, respectively. 

Criminal becomes innocent and innocent becomes criminal.

But the real innocent gets what?
Answer awaits you the 'JOHNY USTAD'.

[From the official press booklet]