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Jeevan Nauka (1952)

  • Release Date1952
  • FormatB/W
  • LanguageHindi
  • GaugeUday Studio, Allepey

Lakshmi is the daughter of a poor low cast man Kesavan, who lived by singing, dancing and such other vocations.

Soman is the younger brother of Raju a high caste man, manager of an uneducated Zamindar. Raju and his wife brought up Soman from childhood.

The story opens with Kesavan and Lakshmi performing their dance in Raju's house. Soman Likes Lakshmi which slowly turns in to intense love. Soman goes to college and Kesavan dies. On return he finds Lakshmi to be helpless, takes her to his college for a dance performance. She dances the story of "Mary Megdeline" (story of a poor girl who became a harlot owing to poverty, and at last hearing Christ's words "Save Chastity", repents and gets Mukti).

Raju wants Soman to marry a relative of his wife Janu. Soman stoutly refuses, and so Raju agrees and the marriage of Soman and Lakshmi takes place. After the marriage Janu illtreats Lakshmi. Soman and Lakshmi are forced to get to another house. Janu's brother Sanku and their mother are brought to Raju's house.

Soman goes in search of work, after much wandering meets with a car accident. The landlady who was in the car takes him to her house and appoints him as her estate manager. Monthly remittance sent by Soman to Lakshmi is received by Janu. Sanku tries to molest Lakshmi during nights. Lakshmi complaints to the Zamindar. The Zamindar makes indecent approach to her. As she did not fall in, he sets fire to her house and sends her cut of the village.

She wanders with her son, comes to a railway station and becomes fruit seller. They see Soman coming with the Landlady and boarding the train. They run but cannot get him. She misunderstands Soman and decides to commit suicide, but thinking of her son, she goes to the town when she sees a log of poor people. She decides to open a beggar's home, singing and collect money for feeding them. She joins a drama set for collecting more funds for the poor.

The Drama set comes to Soman's place and enact the drama "St. John" (King Anthiapas flirts with his brothers wife and when St. John comes a abuses them, and hence he is arrested). Lakshmi acts as St. John. Soman and landlady come to see the drama. Lakshmi sees them together from the stage. What happened next?

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