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Jai Mata Chintpurni (1983)

  • Release Date28/10/1983
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Run Time154 min
  • Length4215.81 meters
  • Number of Reels18
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate NumberB-016- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date21/07/1983

The film starts with a commentary on the life and sacrifice of Sati Maa, who jumped into the havan wood-fire as her father king Yaksha did not invite Lord Shiva to the ceremony. The commentary is narrated by playback singer Mahinder Kapoor praising the greatness of Goddess Durga. The story begins with a drunkard named Babu Lal (Janki Das Bhardwaj) who lives in the city. He visits dancing girls but fails to take care of his pregnant wife. A daughter is born to him, but his wife dies soon after giving birth. Babu Lal considers the newborn as a bad omen and tries to kill the baby by throwing her in the river. However, Mata Chintpurni works a miracle and he is unable to kill the child. Ultimately, he decides to abandon the unlucky child at the doorsteps of a temple. Inside the temple, an issueless couple Seth Ram Prasad (Ved Goswami) and his wife Lajwanti (Neena Cheema) are praying to Mata Rani for a child of their own. The priest (Harbhajan Jabbal) of the temple hears the cries of the abandoned infant. He picks her up and places the child in the lap of Lajwanti. The couple is happy to receive this beautiful gift from Mata Rani and they name this little girl Jyoti (Arpana Chaudhary).
Jyoti worships Mata Chintpurni day in and day out seeking her blessings. However, in this world, bad persons also live like thorns alongside flowers. Laxman Das (Ram Mohan) and Parvati (Sudha Chopra) and their son Billa (Prem Kakaria) hatch many conspiracies to kill Jyoti so that they can inherit the entire estate of Seth Ram Prasad. But no one can kill a person whose savior is God himself. Once Laxman bribes Babu Lal to kill Jyoti but the pujari comes in between and is killed instead. Babu Lal is sent to jail. After failing to eliminate Jyoti from their way, they now plan to marry her off to Daku Shamsher Singh (Yogesh Chhabra). But at the last moment, Daku Shamsher is recognized by Mangu (V. Suri) and is chased away by the villagers. 
Now Seth Ram Prashad is worried about who will marry his daughter Jyoti. Shyam (Satish Kaul) comes to his aid. However, after Jyoti and Shyam marry, a cycle of atrocities begins on Jyoti by her mother-in-law Maya Devi (Bina Shyam) at the instigation of her own aunt Parvati. Jyoti seeks protection from Maa Bhagwati, who is kindness personified to her child Jyoti at every step. Maa Chintpurni herself assumes the form of a girl and relieves Jyoti of all the sorrows in her life.



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