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Izhaar (1989)

  • Release Date1989
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan, Film City, Chandivali

In today's fast changing world, Roy Saheb Amichand still feels that his loving son Rajesh will follow the same old track of keeping the barrier of Rich and Poor intact and will follow the instruction of his father passed on to him through his daughter and Rajesh's elder sister Rama, of forgetting his immense love and romance for a poor, beautiful village girl Nimo, whose melodious songs echo into his heart through the virgin green and high mountains. Roy saheb, realising that all his future hopes are being shattered due to volcanic refusal of his son, instructs his men to take away Nimo from his purchased village-Anokha, and his loyal guards remove Nimo from the scene, by throwing her deep into valley from high cliff, in the presence of her lover Rajesh and an adopted sister-friend Reshma. This changes the entire situation. Rama finding her father guilty of killing Nimo leaves him forever.

Nimo's father shoots himself in the presence of Rajesh.

Rajesh goes away from his father and settles at a lonely place far away from the present life of the world. Roy Saheb seeing his khandan sinking, calls back Rajesh's friend Arshad from England and begs him of his family and Khandan to survive, by bringing Rajesh back into life.

Arshad is completely baffled to see a big change in the life of his childhood friend Rajesh. He gets all the more upset to see that Rajesh has started drinking after visiting Anokha again with another girl Usha. When Arshad is summoned by Roy Saheb to know the reasons of Rajesh's present changed state of affair, he requests Arshad to take him to Usha, who had gone to Village Anokha with Rajesh. Instead Arshad brings Usha to Roy Saheb, who loses his complete balance after seeing her for she resembles in everything with Rajesh's lost love Nimo. Roy Saheb begs Usha with his folded hands to help him in bringing Rajesh back into life.

During all this time Arshad did not fully realise that he has lost his heart to Reshma, who after the death of Nimo and Nimo's father had lost her eyes, and who used to move from place to place, singing in the memory of her friend Nimo. Arshad wanted to take Reshma with him to his home, but he would not do it unless his friends happiness is returned. While Reshma was moving from place to place she is attacked by a ruffian Babu Khan, who is after her right from the time when she had her eyes. Reshma would have lost everything to Babu Khan, if at the right moment, Arshad with Rajesh and Usha had not arrived there to save her. During the fight Babu Khan leaves blind Reshma back and rides away with Usha on his horse followed by Rajesh on another horse.

They arrive at the same spot on the cliff from where Nimo was thrown and killed. To see, whether Rajesh comes back to life, Reshma's eyesight comes back, Arshad brings back happiness in the life of Roy Sahebs life, what direction Usha takes, you will have to see Dramatic, Emotional, Thrilling and Melodious filled with beautiful location: IZHAAR.

[From the official press booklet]