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Isi Ka Naam Zindagi (1992)

  • Release Date1992
  • GenreRomance, Action
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time149 min
  • Length4149.93 metre
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number16798
  • Certificate Date03/06/1992
  • Shooting LocationFilm City, Esel Studio, Velkar Open Studio, Filmistan Studio

Bansiram an old peasant, in his fifties, had inherited a piece of land on which he grew a beautiful vegetable garden to earn his living. The old land-lord (Zamindar), lascirious tyrant, wanted to grab that piece of land by force, but the timely interference by the local British Magistrate frustrated the landlord.... who died of humiliation. But his periturbed spirit stalked the vegetable garden as a ghost.

Many years passed... Bansiram, now a decrepit, old man and his grandson Chotu, now a bright and ambitious youth and eager to make a fast buck wanted to convert the garden to a brewery of country liquor. An out raged Bansiram refused Chotu's physical pressure to sign on a lease document. At this juncture the present land-lord, appeared on the scene, and drove young Chotu out of the village...feigning to be the protector and sustainer of old, physically weak Bansiram, the landlord obtained Bansiram's signature on a legal agreement by which he would get four hundred rupees per month till he live, but after his death the garden would belong to the land-lord, who hoped that old, weak, incapacitated Bansiram would die in few months' time.

Destiny, however, played a different game- the prodigal grandson Chotu returned home with a beautiful, vicaciosus, wily wife, who nursed Bansiram back to his pink of health. While the land-lord waiting intermainable with mental tension for Bansiram to die, suffered a heart attack.

How fat determined the disposal of the vegetable garden in favour of the revitalised old Bansiram or of the increasingly de-vitalised landlord, and what part Chotu and his wife Chumki played in that game of fate, is to be seen on the big screen. ISI KA NAAM ZINDAGI.

[From official press booklet]



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