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Insaaf Naagin Ka (1990)

  • Release Date1990
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingA
  • Shooting LocationPrasad & Sarada Studios

Nagmati who is a devotee of Nagin Maa lives with her grandmother and two sisters of which one is lame. She is helped by two companions Banwari - a bull and Sangi - a monkey. They even attack the enemies when Nagmati is in crisis.

Nagmati proposes her lame sister pooja's marriage to the public prosecutor. On the day of marriage some gangsters, who were actually awarded death sentence and escaped later, strike at them and kill public prosecutor and pooja. Another sister of Nagmati, Tulasi becomes blind. Even her grandmother, unable to bear the shock of pooja's death dies.

Nagmati takes a vow in front of Nagin Maa to avenge her family's destruction. She kills one of the gangsters and sends the body to the nearby police station. By this act she becomes wanted person by police and gangsters.

In confrontation of killing another gangster she too gets severely injured. As the police are chasing Nagmati and gangsters they notice that one gangster is killed and Nagmati is lying taking her last breathe. When they return to take the dead bodies of Nagmati and the dacoit they are missing.

As the police department is worried about the sudden disappearance of those two dead bodies they get a phone call from Nagmati, who confirms that the dead body of the dacoit is under their table. As they see the dead body they are all shocked.

Who sent the dead body of the dacoit?
How could Nagmati rise again when she is dead?
How do the rest of the dacoits meet their fate?
And find what is "INSAAF NAGIN KA".

(From the official press booklet)