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Hukum Ka Ekka (1939)

  • Release Date1939
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi

The whole capital was in joy and merriment, for the beloved price of the people was returning home for coronation. Jorawar, the regent, had already made great preparations for the royal reception. His lady friend Shyama also helped him in his activities. But both of them had a sinister motive behind. Shyama and Jorawar never liked the home-coming of the prince; for he was to be the king of a spacious kingdom. This would naturally deprive them of the influence they had in the state. Jorawar would lose all the powers he had; and hence Shyama's place would be no where.

Prince Ranjit suddenly entered the capital without caring for official reception. He had with him his comical companions, Bunder and Sunder. While passing through the streets of the town the prince's car dashed against the car of Uma, who was at first very displeased but afterwards became silent  when she knew that the prince was the man with whom she was engaged.

The evil spirit in Jorawar was now rampant. He engineered a plot to murder the prince at the instigation of Shyama. Rayji, one of the palace-attendants, was to be the cat's paw. They decided to murder the prince that very night. But suddenly the prince changed his night programme and decided to while away his night at the 'Night Club' nearby. There he came in contact with Babla, the juggler, who was playing magic-tricks with a small stripling named Tillu. To his surprise the prince found that Babla's face was quite similar to his face. The prince was very much pleased at the first nights recreation they give him and rewarded Tillu with his cap who playfully asked for it. Babla, the juggler and Tillu then accidently arrived to the captain Ajit's place. He and her sister Uma mistook Babla for the prince on account of the similarity of the face; and put them at the palace in by car.

That night the news spread in the town that there had been a deadly attempt to murder the prince and that he did. But really, it was Babla, the juggler, who was taken as prince and attached by Rayji. The prince knew this matter in the hotel; and the idea flashed in his mind. He wanted to expose the plotters and hence decided to hide his personality of the prince. He took the role of the Juggler and arranged to install the survived Juggler Babla on the Gadi. He discussed this plan with captain Ajit and forthwith asked him to manage accordingly. Babla, the Juggler, became king. His jolly companions Sunder and Bunder enjoyed this new turn of event.

As the days passed the name of "HUKUM-KA-EKKA" was heard in the town. It was the same prince, who foiled all the plans of Jorawar and came in his ways. But Jorawar did not stop there. He carved to win Uma. So he imprisoned her brother, captain Ajit. This was a disastrous step for him, for Shyama deserted him. Rayji had already left him and made friends with Sunder and Bunder.

Babla's position as a king now became unstable. Jorawar pressed him to accept the fact that he was a Juggler and not a true prince. This he had to do, for he had no one else to support after captain Ajit's arrest. Again the durbar was held and Babla and Shyama were declared as plotters who contrived to usurp the crown. They were given the punishment of death.

The true prince came to know about it. He at once presented himself at the durbar and challenged Jorawar to prove the charge. What turned, thereafter, is the matter that only the screen would reveal. 

[From the official press booklet]