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Heer Ranjha (1992)

  • Release Date07/08/1992
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time159 mins
  • Length4658.83 meters
  • Number of Reels17
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-17429-MUM
  • Certificate Date05/08/1992
  • Shooting LocationR K Studios, Mehboob, Filmistan, Filmcity, City Palace Jaipur, Marudhra Studios

HEER RANJHA is a legendary Love Story of two great lovers HEER (SRIDEVI) and RANJHA (ANIL KAPOOR). Their parents had enmity for generations. Once when both the families were invited to a common friends house. They fought, broke KAIDON'S (ANUPAM KHER) leg and Heer & Ranjha were parted when they were too young.

When they grow up, they meet at Baradari and fall in love. Ranjha becomes a servant in Heer's house to be close to her. Kaidon basically a crook had his doubt about them and after failing in many attempts to catch them red-handed. He finally succeeds and their world gets shattered. Heer is locked inside the house and Ranjha after being bashed up is told to leave the village forever.

Ranjha decides to confront them and comes to Heer's house, when Adam Chaudhary (Ram Mohan) is already there for Saida's Rishta for Heer, after deadly confrontation Adam's pleading Choochak Chaudhary (SHAMMI KAPOOR). Heer's father cools down and tells Ranjha to send somebody from his home. Rajah leaves but when Kaidon comes to know about the whole thing, he starts spitting fire and threatening to kill Ranjha's family if they come here with the Barat because of their enmity. 

Ranjha's brothers (Girija Shanker, Suhas Khandke, Shyam Avasthi, Kirti Kumar & Monty) do not agree for this rishta. Here Kaidon conspires and sends a very dirty and insulting letter on behalf of Ranjha's brothers which spoils everything and then with the help of Quazi (Gulfi Paintal) & Biradari he corners Choochak and Heer's marriage with Saida (Mangal Dhillon) is finalised. Barat comes and Heer is sent with them forcibly because Kaidon has bribed Quazi and Heer's father threatens her to kill himself if she did not except it.

By the time Ranjha comes here, the Doli has gone, he goes mad with pain. Heer has a big confrontation with her husband and he gives her some time to come to terms with the whole situation. Ranjha becomes a Jogi and comes to Saida's house. Saida is already impatient. He confronts the Jogi and goes away. Heer & Ranjha meet with the help of Saida's sister, Sethi (Preeti Sapru) an with the help of her plan only they succeed in running away and brought to a King's Darbar. Raja (Arun Bali) in whose area they were found by the king's soldiers, when they were being taken away by Saida and his Men.

a. Did Kaidon except this defeat?
b. Could Heer & Ranjha meet ultimately?
c. What happened to the enmity of both the families?

For the answer of these questions see "HEER RANJHA".

(From the official press booklet)