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Ghunghat (1988)

  • Release Date1988
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU

GHUNGHAT 'THE VEIL" is That Tradional Unvaluable oranament of Indian women which Keeps covered all the happiness of their married life. Every girl look forward for the day when her husband will see her face after removing her 'Ghunghat' and take her to the world of dreams. But what can be said about the fate of that girl whose husband on the very first night of her marriage pledges not to see her face. 

That unfortunate girl is "ASHA". She is staying in a village with her mother. Asha's father was a friend of Shiv Prasad Although Shiv Prasad went to city and became rich, yet he never forgot his promise which he has given to his friend. To keep his word he fixes the marriage of his son AMAR with ASHA. 

Amar who is brought up in the city was just against this marriage, but finally he bows down before the wishes of his father and marries Asha. 

Asha, after getting married to Amar enters his house with a heart full of hopes and desires for the future life. But her past stood as a dark night in the Golden dawn of her future. She could not get the love of her husband inspite of her all efforts. Amar starts going to the dancer and the gap between Asha and Amar widened. 

Asha decides to commit suicide. But she could not end her life. She is saved by Daku Mangal Singh. Daku Mangal Singh is the same person who has cast a dark spell on the life of Asha in the past. And the shadows of that spell kept lingering on her present and made her future cloudy. lnspite of all odds Asha keeps up the tradition of true Indian women and stood against them. To win back the confidence and love of her husband, she has to go through a long journey and pass through many trails. "To know all about it see Ghunghat".

[From the official press booklet]