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Ghamand (1955)

  • Release Date1955
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationCentral Studio, Tardeo

ANYONE who is on the down grade can be pushed further down by almost everyone; but there are very few who can give him a helping hand to pick him up. Notwithstanding this, the world is not completely bereft of persons who consider someone else's predicament their own.

Doctor Raj, on his return to town after his marriage, found Madho, the notorious ruffian, waiting for him. Madho's only daughter Pyari, who suffered from an affliction of the glands, was writhing in pain. Madho asked the doctor to go with him. It wasn't possible for the doctor to put him off. So the doctor went with him. The bride and her ayah remained to stare at the receding figures. The entire night went by, but the doctor did not return. On her wedding night, the bride passed restless, weary hours.

One day the doctor admonished Madho and told him that unless he improved his ways, it would be impossible for him to marry his daughter Pyari into a good family. Madho resented this advice and, slapping his chest, said; "Don't forget, doctor! Pyari is Madho's daughter. Her spouse will be of a good family!"

Madho started a search for a spouse for Pyari. He combed the whole town, in vain. No one was willing to accept into the family the daughter of a notorious ruffian. Madho found himself beaten and spent.

What he was totally unaware of, was the fact that Shyam, son of the well-known pleader Girdharilal, loved Pyari with all his heart.

One day Madho saw Shyam conversing with Pyari in the courtyard of his own house. He accepted the situation as a godsend and went to Girdharilal and virtually forced the match on him. Then he went off to make purchases for the wedding. When he got back home, he found Pyari missing. Shyam informed him that she had gone away with the doctor.

Dagger in his hand, Madho rushed to the doctor's residence. The doctor wasn't at home. The doctor's wife, who had already suspected the relation between her husband and Pyari, left for her father's, Almost out of his senses, Madho was taken to the hospital. There, in a closed room, he saw Pyari and the doctor.

What was happening in that closed room?
Did Madho find fulfillment for his hope of marrying Pyari into a good family?

The answer will be flashed on the screen.

[From the official press booklet]



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