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Garmil (1942)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageBengali
  • Run Time141 minutes
  • Gauge35 mm

The contradictions and confrontations between the traditionalist Hindu Madhab Thakur and his Westernised neighbour and childhood friend Mukherjee are the central concerns for this film. Madhab and Mukherjee have numerous differences between them, while Madhab is a blind believer in religion and faith and believes that Western modernisation is ruining the country’s future, Mukherjee is a strong believer of science and technology and completely dismisses faith and religion as things restricting the growth of the country. Their differences are apparent in the younger generations as well although in a reversed role. Mukherjee’s son Robi is a complete follower of Madhab’s teachings while Madhab’s own son Jadab is an atheist and finds himself closer to Mukherjee than his father. With the guidance of Madhab and his daughter Malati, Robi starts a school of traditional disciplines and when Mukherjee shows his interest in helping the school with funds Madhab refuses any help from his non-believer friend. With blind faith and trust in his God Madhab marries off his elder daughter Madhabi to a Brahmin man believing that he is pious and religious. However, Madhabi’s husband turns out to be an alcoholic and a swindler who even uses her jewelleries to raise money for his addiction. Catching the man in such an act Robi and Jadab heckle him on the street and in return he complains to Madhab. Hurt that Robi too has turned against him Madhab asks Robi to never come to his house again and in a way ends Robi and Malati’s relationship as well. Soon Mukherjee proposes Robi and Malati’s marriage to Madhab but Madhab refuses and their common friend Professor Ghoshal tries to make them both understand how religion and science can best work only when they coexist. Madhab finds a groom for Malati but this time it’s a rich zamindar who is double the age of the bride. The day of the marriage soon arrives but Prof. Ghoshal plans to help Malati and Robi unite. Ghoshal takes Malati away from the wedding. When Madhab realises that Malati is missing the professor reappears with Malati and Robi and makes Madhab understand how blind faith in religion is not always right but it is to believe in human beings that matters. 



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