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Ganga Tere Desh Mein (1988)

  • Release Date1988
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length4519.36 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingUA
  • Censor Certificate Number232/A
  • Certificate Date18/10/1988

"Ganga Tere Desh Mein" is the story of a happy family of a school teacher Ramnath who lives in a small village with his wife Ganga and his two sons Vijay and Ajay, but this family is torn apart by Sewaram, criminal minded, groody politician when his ambition to get elected as usual, thwarted as the local people disgusted with his corruption, want the schoolmaster Ramnath to contest the election on their behalf.

An enraged Sewaram engineers the murder of Ramnath and masterminds the murder rap on Ramnath's elder son Vijay who sentenced. Close on the heels of this tragedy, Ganga and his second son are thrown out of the village on the false charge that her husband had received the bride to withdraw his nomination from the election.

Twenty-five years roll by when Ajay enters the scene as a police officer, while Vijay who was after Sewaram during all these years, traces him and wants to kill him but Sewaram and his gang beat him up till he loses conscience and becomes mad.
In the meanwhile, the police are after the blood of one Cerba, a masked man who executes the criminal assignments of Sewaram. The moment Sewaram gets this news, he covers Vijay with Cobra's mask who falls in the net of the police. But the police cannot proceed with their investigations unless Vijay's case, not knowing that the masked Cobra is none other his own brother.

At last Vijay is cured in the mental asylum and he wants to avenge Sewaram. But Dr. Asha advises him to pretend to be mad until he proves that he is not the Cobra wanted by the police. He gets overjoyed when he learns from Dr. Asha that his mother and brother, a police inspector are staying in the same city and meets his mother. They are thrilled but the mother cautions Vijay that, if his younger brother knows Vijay is the Cobra, he will not only arrest him but he may even commit suicide. Vijay gets confused as he bears the burnt with all the evil deeds of Cobra hanging over his head like the sword of Damooles.

How Vijay redeems himself from the crimes of Cobra, how he proves that Sewaram was responsible for the murder of his father, should be seen on the screen, to be believed.

(From the official press booklet)