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Ganesh Chaturthi (1973)

  • Release Date1973
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi

On the birthday celebrations of Ganesh in 'KAILASH' all devines assembled and an apsaras gave a dance performance. While she was dancing, in happy mood, Ganesh got up from his seat and began to dance.

Now Chandrama looking at the Elephant head Trunk and Human body of Ganesh and his witty Dance laughed at him. Ganesh grew angry at this and cursed Chandrama that who ever looks at Chandrama will be blamed and undergo troubles. All the Devines including Surya, Indra and Naarad, requested Ganesh to excuse Chandrama from that curse. Chandrama himself begged mercy and on the instigation of Parvathi, Parameshwar and Ganesh minimised his curse, that who ever looks at Chandrama on his birthday that is (BHARAPADA SUKLACHARUTHI) will be effected and that will also be winover if he worships Ganesh on that day.

As days rolled on, in DWARAKA, RUKMANI on that day did not offer pooja to Ganesh and adding to it, Krishna looked Chandrama in the Milk. Accordingly Satrajit threw a blame on Krishna that he has murdered his brother Presena and looted his Syamantak mani in the Public Royal Court Krishna could not tolerate this, vowed that he will not enter Dwaraka and he will not sit on the throne, until and unless he discovers Shyamantak mani and give back to Satrajit, went to exiles.

1.    Now see whether Krishna has won over his vow?
2.    Whether he got back Syamantakamani to Satraji and proved his innocence?
3.    Finally how Krishna learnt that all this happened due to the negligence of Pooja to Ganesh on the birthday?

See today on the Silver screen, with all your family and friends and have the blessings of Ganesh Bappa.

(From the official press booklet)