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Fateh (1991)

  • Release Date1991
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time151 mins
  • Censor RatingU/A
  • Shooting LocationFilmalaya, Filmistan, Film City, Chandivali, Kamalistan

Fateh is a story of three boys, Karan, Salim and Ranveer ... three friends ... three warriors ... ready to risk their lives for the sake of country ... because this was the only thing which they had learnt from their officer Major Anand, whom they regarded as their father and friend.

Once to nab an international crook, Major Anand injured his leg for which he retired and settled down in city ... but in the city also he did not stop his fight against traitors of the country ... one of such encounters made him meet Samrat face to face ... where Samrat killed him.

When Karan, Salim and Ranveer heard the news they swore to avenge their Guru's death ... but in the basti nobody was ready to give witness, because they knew to speak anything about Samrat means to get killed by the henchmen of Samrat, Bablya..

When they could not get anything out of people staying in the basti ... they thought they should become part of the people staying in basti and become their friends, their protectors ... Karan went to Maria's booze joint and started inquiring about Major's death. 

Maria never §poke anything about the killer ... but she did give Karan a lead ... for which Karan met Bablya, Samrat's main henchman ... Maria came closer to Karan and they fell in, love ... and Salim met Saira and fell in love with her.

This is the story of Karan and Maria, Salim and Saira, Ranveer and those hundreds of people living in the basti, who are scared to open their mouths against Samrat ... their common eneniy.

One day Karan, Salim and Ranveer came face to face against Samrat... 

Do the boys manage to escape from Samrat's den? 
Do the girls, Maria and Saira get their lovers? 
Do the boys avenge the death of Major Anand?
See all this and more in FATEH.

[from the official press booklet]



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