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Ekhane Pinjar (1971)

  • Release Date22 January, 1971
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageBengali
  • Run Time153 minutes
  • Length4258.99 meters
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number58745
  • Certificate Date24/07/70
  • Shooting LocationTechnicians Studio

The film is about a novelist Amal Basu whose life changes after meeting an anti-social Nabendu Chatterjee. One day Amal meets his old friend who is a police officer now. The officer takes Amal to his police station where he meets Nabendu. Amal realises that Nabendu is a victim of circumstances and that he does not deserve a harsh sentence. He requests his officer friend to help Nabendu. Consequently, Nabendu's sentence is reduced. After his release from jail, Nabendu visits Amal to thank him. He tells his story and why he had to choose a life of crime. He requests Amal to find a good job for him too. Amal tries his best to secure a job for Nabendu but nothing comes to fruition. Under pressure to help his family, Nabendu again wanders into the world of crime. Nabendu is shot by the police and Amal is given the responsibility of informing Nabendu's family. On the way to Nabendu's village, Amal encounters a woman on the train who is chased by the police. On arriving, Amal's first intention is to inform Nabendu's family and leave. After meeting the Chatterjee family, he is not able to do so. He also comes to know that the woman on the train is Nabendu's sister Nila who is involved in smuggling. He is requested by Nabendu's father and mother to spend a few days with them. Realising their dire situation, Amal helps the family in many ways. He gets their mortgaged house released from the scheming moneylender Abinash Mitra who has his eyes on Nila and her sisters. Nila becomes suspicious of Amal's philanthropy. One day he catches her while she was engaged in some shady activity with a local criminal. He requests her to leave that job. Impressed by Nila's vocal skills, Amal says that he would help her to become a singer. Nila again mistakes Amal's earnestness and accuses him of taking Abinash Mitra's place. Ultimately, Amal reveals his reason for being there to Nila. He confides in her that he feels like a part of their family. He requests her once again to leave the job. Nila replies that she cannot because of her family. Meanwhile, Abinash Mitra pays the local criminal to kidnap Nila and give her to him. Remembering Amal's request, Nila goes to the criminal to quit the smuggling job. Amal follows her to the hideout and informs the police. Nila is kidnapped and taken to Abinash Mitra. The police raid the hideout and catch the gang but do not find Nila there. Amal arrives in the nick of time with the police to save Nila from Abinash Mitra. Nila is sentenced for three months for smuggling. The film ends with Amal telling Nila in jail that he will be there for her always. 

Jatrik was a collective comprised of directors Tarun Majumdar, Dilip Mukherjee and Sachin Mukherjee