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Dil Ki Duniya (1949)

  • Release Date1949
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationEastern Studios

Circumstances sometimes cast a great effect on a man's mind and Lalaji had to suffer and suffer many a shocks in his life which made him mad. Lalaji was a man of great repute and enjoyed a peaceful and luxurious life once, but as fate would have it he lost everything, even his last penny. Lalaji was a great musician and his daughter used to sing his melodies so sweetly. But her untimely death in the prime of her youth gave yet another shock to Lalaji and he turned half-mad. Now Lalaji was a lonely person with hardly any income and the least interest in the worldly affairs. He had to settle in a poorer village nearby where he opened a small shop to earn his living. Lalaji craved for his departed daughter day and night and this made him to stop every passer by young girl and talk freely to her. This created a suspicious atmosphere amongst the villagers against Lalaji and they took him as a vagabond, so much so that even the chaudhary of the village turned his great enemy.

Anil Kumar a well to-do man of the same village was annoyed with his disobedient wife and her England returned brother. His matrimonial life was a tragedy due to their bad attitude and unfair manners. He, therefore, searched happiness to his heart's satisfaction and luck got him in touch with a dancer girl, in whom Anil found perfect womanhood and all that he cherished. Their daily meeting spot was a hill rock far away in the sea, but by misfortune the dancer girl lost her only father and Lalaji seeing the glimpse of his departed daughter in her, adopted her and took her to his home. This roused the fury of the villagers unaware of the real fact, and they attacked Lalaji's house and shop and looted his remaining belongings. Lalaji with all his helplessness and compelled by the circumstances became the servant in Anil Kumar's house while the romantic meetings of Anil and dancer girl continued on the hill rock far away in the sea without his least knowledge. On the other hand, Anil's England returned brother-in-law planned to poison him to misappropriate his great wealth and all belongings, but by share chance the poisoned cup was taken by Billo, his own sister who died immediately on spot.

Neena, the unfairly and disobedient wife of Anil received a shock by her sister's sudden and self-planned death, and this was sufficient to make a great change in her behaviour towards her husband.

Now she had to repent and gain her husband's faith and love. But it remains to see whether she succeeded in doing so or not. And what about the dancer girl and her love affair with Anil? Still remains to see the ultimate of our Lalaji which forms the climax of our story....... and you better to see it for yourself on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)