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Dil Ke Jharoke Main (1997)

  • Release Date1997
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationFilmcity, Filmistan Studio, Filmalaya Studio, Kamalistan Studio, Essel Studio

Wealthy Industrialist Mahindra Pratap and his wife Sharda have two sons Vijay their real son and Prakash their adopted son.

Vijay and Prakash are more friends than brothers. Vijay is found of Music and Prakash is fond of Books, education and Family Business.

Vijay Love and Trust for Prakash knows no bounds.

When the Marriage Broker Mohanlal brings Seeta like Suman, sister of Lawyer Suresh for Vijay, The music Buff and American Returned Book minded Reeta Daughter of Barrister Surindra Pratap for Prakash, Maindra Pratap and Sharda give their consent for the Marriage.

But after seeing Suman in a College Function Prakash knowing that Suman is selected to be Vijays wife by his parents decides to betray him.

Prakash himself writes a cunning Anonymous letter against his own character to Surindra Pratap and Bribes Mohanlal, so that he marries Suman and Vijay marries Reeta.

On the wedding night educated Reeta humiliates uneducated Vijay and walks out of the Bedroom.
Vijay's life becomes miserable and Suman cannot see the plight of Vijay and she tries her best to bring Reeta close to Vijay.

Vijay with an unhappy present goes to Sumans Birthday Party and sings on Suman's request. Suman gets carries away by his song and she sings her childhood song. Vijay gets a big shock when he comes to know that Suman, His Friends Prakash's wife is none other than Munni his childhood lover.

Vijay Begs God to help him to maintain the Sacred relationship between Suman and himself and to retain Peace in the home and married life of his friend who has Betrayed him.

But truth cannot be hidden for Long. And one Vijay Learns that the man who has wreacked his life is none other than his own Friend Prakash.

What happen next and to what Fantastic events the Childhood Lovers Suman and Vijay are thrown into. We would like you to see for yourself Dramatically unfolding on the Silver Screen.

(From the official press booklet)