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Dial 100 (2001)

  • Release Date2001
  • GenreCrime, Mystery
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingA
  • Shooting LocationHotel Horizon, Beach House, Manisha Bungalow, Basin Nest, Surve Farm (Panvel)

DIAL 100 is a story which revolves around cheaters who through illegal means yearn to turn rich overnight. In one hotel, a party is being held to celebrate two happy occasions. Prem, who is the owner of the Hotel, arrives at the party accompanied by his newly married wife and sister-in-law. The entire Staff of the Hotel accord him a hearty Welcome. Little did Prem assume that at this party it is not the happy occasions which is being celebrated, but a death trap is awaiting him. One telephone call comes on this very party day and the caller threatens Prem of his death. Later on, murder takes place one after another. Inspector of police is very much upset for not being able to know how to put an end to these gruesome murders.

In the end, Prem's wife Anjali (Reena Cakrravarty), Kamal Bihari (Kadar Khan), Nepali Watchman (Mohan Joshi), Pooja (Dimple Imandaar), & Bajaj's son Anand (Sanjay Sharma) survive. From here, ensues a fight and a war. And finally it has to be seen how the killer is arrested. What, one who is found suspicions is a killer? then whose turns it to be suspected of the mass killings. To know all this, see MEDIA FINAL TOUCH'S maiden project "DIAL 100"

[from the official press booklet]